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Ticket to Nature park Biokovo
Expert guide
Lunch (picnic)
Transportation by vehicle
Transportation by boat
River photo safari
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Budanko travel Makarska - Excursions

Cetina canyon

Excursion to Cetina canyon is a light hiking tour. Transportation from Makarska to Kostanje, a small town in Omiš hinterland. Descend on foot to the tributaries of the river Cetina in addition to numerous sources, vineyards and orchards, and we come to the stream Drinak.

Location Cetina
Hiking time 3.5 h
Climb 200 m
Descent 400 m
Length of route 10 km
Expert guide Included
Transportation by vehicle Included
Transportation by boat Included
River photo safari Included

We continue to the village Donja Ostrvica descend toward of Slanica area where we have a beautiful view of the canyon. If there are interested can arrange lunch in Slanica. We recommend freshwater fish trout. Boarded the boat and continue our journey to the former indomitable pirate nest in Omiš.

Hiking boots (minimum high sport shoes with hard soles), comfortable and light clothing, sun protection (hat, sun glasses, sun block), protection from rain (raincoat), at least 2 liters of water.
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