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Sightseeing according to program
Ticket to Nature park Biokovo
Expert guide
Lunch (picnic)
Transportation by vehicle
Transportation by boat
River photo safari
Ticket to Arhaeological museum Narona
Wine tasting
Boat ride


Excursion to mount Biokovo and the neretva river is an average mountaineering tour. Transportation of Makarska from the village Desne close to Metković (122 m) (1.15 h). From Desne marked hiking trail begins to climb the huge number Babina Gomila (735 m) (3.30 h).


Departure from Gornja Brela (Subotišće) where a marked hiking trail that is also The Educational trail Paths of ancient Berulia, climb upto the Church of St. Nicholas (572 m) (1.25 h).


Ascent to Vošac 1 is an average mountaineering tour. Departure above the church of St. Marko, which is located on the Kačić square in the center of Makarska. It follows the rise the marked asphalt road to the village of Makar (300 m) (0.45 h).


Imotski lakes and country behind the mountains is a light hiking tour. Transport of small buses to the old village Lokvičići. A visit to a nearby cemetery that dates back over 250 years where there are large stone family tombs covered with a multitude of flowers.


Vehicles are switching to the area Dubci (Vrulja) which is located on the west side of the former Makarska Riviera and Dubci are 16 kilometers away from Makarska. The coastal part of the district Zadvarje a length of about 4 km of the bay Vrulja.